Code Of Practice

HealthCore highly values ethical and proper standards of practice. In conducting its activities, HealthCore strives to abide by the following general code of practice in order to protect the interests of clients and candidates:


  • Core values - Integrity, responsibility, professionalism, care and fairness.


  • Be alert with confidential information. Personal and confidential data collected will not be disclosed to any other party in a form that would identify the owner, unless we have the owner's consent or if required by law. Candidates' personal information will not be passed to potential employers without consent. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy. 


  • Selection of candidates shall be based on objective evaluation without any form of prejudice including race, gender and age.


  • Provide honest and timely information to the employers throughout the recruitment process. Provide honest feedbacks to the candidates on the status of the recruitment process any time when requested.


  • Treat all candidates and clients with respect, including candidates with lower potential for a given job opportunity.


  • Abide by Part XII of the Employment Ordinance, the Employment Agency Regulations, and the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong. 


HealthCore is open and happy to discuss with any employer or candidate about recruitment and careers. You are welcome to contact HealthCore at any time.